Some times I find myself thinking of my own mortality. I suppose this is normal considering my disorder and the recent overdoses. But I can't help but wonder what will happen to me in the future. There are times I'm filled with dread at what's to come. I can feel it simmering beneath my veins,... Continue Reading →


(POSSIBLE TRIGGER WARNING, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) Today I want to talk about something that's very close to me, and is a huge part of my disorder. Dissociation Some people don't know what that means and can be very hard to wrap your head around so let's do a quick run down. Dissociation represents a... Continue Reading →


When I first got diagnosed with BPD, the first thing I did was I researched it. I scoured Facebook for pages on it, and I found some groups that has thousands of people in it. These are people who have BPD, or knows someone with BPD. And with every post, I found that I connected... Continue Reading →


It's officially 2018. It's nearly 6 in the morning and I can not sleep. So, I thought fuck it. Write something, write anything, just write. 2017 was a shit show for me. My mental health went down hill, but it was also the year that I got diagnosed. For a long time, the doctors told... Continue Reading →


POSSIBLE TRIGGER WARNING!!!! Like before, I have no idea how to start so I'm just going to wing it. Turbulence. When you think of that word, your mind probably wanders to that time when you were on a plane. That dash of anxiety that floods your system, the moment of fear that maybe you'll be... Continue Reading →


I've wondered how to start this for weeks, so I've just decided to wing it. It may not make sense, it may seem jumbled, and it may seem totally fucking weird at times, but that's totally normal for someone like me. So, without further ado, let's get down to business shall we? I'm a borderline,... Continue Reading →

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